Updated Platform Includes Expanded Features and Comprehensive Data

LONDON, MARCH 19, 2024 – The Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing is excited to announce the latest version of TrilliumGIS, an advanced manufacturing sector asset and ecosystem map designed to help sector stakeholders boost Ontario’s manufacturing competitiveness and foster innovation.

TrilliumGIS provides free and open access to information about Ontario manufacturers and publicly-funded or not-for-profit ecosystem partner organizations dedicated to supporting the province’s advanced manufacturing sector. Users can search manufacturing establishments by address, industry, Statistics Canada industry codes, or production networks.

This latest version of TrilliumGIS includes information about more than 12,000 manufacturers–twice as many as the previous version–and adds information about more than 250 manufacturing ecosystem partners to the interactive map for the first time. The filter function has also been revamped as part of this update. These changes further enrich the user experience, allowing for more comprehensive searches and a deeper understanding of specific industries and supply chains within Ontario’s advanced manufacturing landscape.

“TrilliumGIS empowers stakeholders with valuable information, fostering collaboration, innovation, and economic growth across Ontario’s advanced manufacturing sector. The platform reflects our commitment to supporting competitiveness in the advanced manufacturing sector,” said Brendan Sweeney, PhD, Managing Director at the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing.

Manufacturing remains a vital part of almost every community in Ontario, and TrilliumGIS serves as a crucial tool in strengthening the sector’s competitiveness, improving supply chain resilience, and facilitating business-to-business connections. The platform serves as a comprehensive tool for diverse stakeholders, offering benefits to small and medium-sized manufacturers, economic developers, industry associations, ecosystem partners, and individuals.

Small and medium-sized Ontario manufacturers (SMEs) utilize TrilliumGIS to identify potential customers, suppliers, and innovation partners within the province, enhancing business growth opportunities.

Economic developers leverage TrilliumGIS to create manufacturing sector asset inventories, connect businesses to boost local economies, and showcase local supply chains when vying for new investments.

Industry associations identify new partnership opportunities and explore relevant manufacturing supply chains to grow within Ontario.

Ecosystem partners (e.g., universities, non-profits) use TrilliumGIS to identify collaboration opportunities with Ontario manufacturers, fostering the development of new products, processes, business models, and innovative solutions.

Individuals access TrilliumGIS to discover Ontario-made products, and locate businesses to support local shopping, contributing to the prosperity of the province.

The Trillium Network gathers the information on TrilliumGIS from publicly available data sources and local economic development partners, and validates it in-house. The platform is committed to maintaining comprehensive and current information. The Trillium Network welcomes feedback to ensure the continuous improvement and relevance of the data provided on TrilliumGIS.

For more information, visit the TrilliumGIS Frequently Asked Questions, listen to the podcast episode featuring the platform on Canadian Manufacturing, or explore TrilliumGIS directly.

About the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing:

The Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing is a non-profit organization located at Western University. It produces independent, objective, data-driven research to raise awareness of emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges in Ontario’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem. The organization facilitates collaboration among industry stakeholders and ecosystem partners. The Trillium Network is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade (MEDJCT).