TrilliumGIS is currently undergoing maintenance.

TrilliumGIS is an online asset-mapping application that contains information about thousands of Ontario manufacturing establishments. This information is intended to support manufacturers, economic development professionals, policy-makers, and researchers in their efforts to grow and improve the competitiveness of Ontario’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

TrilliumGIS is currently undergoing maintenance

We are performing maintenance to improve TrilliumGIS. We expect that the maintenance will be completed by Fall 2020.

TrilliumGIS is a free online application that includes information about thousands of Ontario manufacturers. This information has been compiled by Trillium staff and is updated regularly. All information comes from publicly-avaialble sources.

Who can use TrilliumGIS?

TrilliumGIS is intended for use by manufacturers, industry associations, economic development professionals, policy-makers, job-seekers, educators, and researchers, and for investors seeking to establish or grow their business in Ontario.

Existing manufacturers and suppliers can use the application to locate each other and seek new business opportunities.

Job-seekers and educational institutions alike can learn about potential employers and employment opportunities.

Economic development professionals and investors can learn more about Ontario’s manufacturing capabilities and supply chains.

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