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Toronto Global

Discover Ontario's industrial commons with Matthew Aiken, sector development lead at Toronto Global. Join Brendan and Nick as they discuss the region's unique capabilities, particularly in the transition to electric vehicles. Discover how Ontario's industrial commons tackles challenges and find out what's next.

Promation & Nuclear Promise X (NPX)...

Darryl Spector, President of Promation, and Bharath Nangia, CEO of NPX share how combining advanced manufacturing technology with collaboration can help meet Ontario's low-emitting electricity demands. Explore the power of industry partnerships and cutting-edge automation in the nuclear sector.

DAIR: Workforce Development

Join Spyro Cacoutis, DAIR's workforce development & sustainability manager, and Michelle DeCoste, Centennial College's Dean of Online Learning & Microcredentials, as they shed light on aerospace manufacturing workforce development.. Learn about modern technologies and initiatives driving industry success and competitiveness.

Linamar’s Innovation Hub

Brett McQueen, director of innovation, and Somila Kakshapati, Innovation Lead discuss Linamar's visionary roadmap, Vision2100, and its impact on the company's future. Hear how the iHub supports start-ups in six critical manufacturing verticals, aiding them in commercializing innovations and scaling products.

Stephen MacKenzie, President and CEO of Invest WindsorEssex

Invest WindsorEssex

Stephen MacKenzie, President and CEO of Invest WindsorEssex, sheds light on Windsor-Essex's manufacturing resilience and shift to automobility. Stephen shares insights about the investment in Canada's first EV battery plant and on the four pillars of automobility.

Eclipse Automation

Get ready to "automate" your curiosity with Eclipse Automation! Nick and Brendan drive to Cambridge to chat about the future of industrial automation. Meet six amazing guests, and learn about everything from global growth to the "bright" future of Accenture's acquisition.

DAIR: Green Fund

Join Nick and DAIR as they discuss DAIR’s Green Fund. Discover how collaboration breaks down silos, uniting SMEs, OEMs, academia, and (hopefully) the entire supply chain, with one mission: to save the planet and soar above the competition.


Innovation knows no bounds at Voltera. Sparked by its own circuitous quest, it found success with the V-One printer. Now, Voltera’s NOVA takes printing to new heights. Unleash creativity and "hack" the possibilities in every industry.

AIS Technologies Group

Join Nick and AIS Technologies Group on a dynamic journey in automotive, aerospace, and more! Learn about how cutting-edge AI and human expertise fuse for unmatched quality control.

Harbour Technologies Inc.

Harbour Tech: Setting the Course for Success in Advanced Manufacturing. From cars to space gear, the company is on a cosmic journey of innovation. Tune in to explore this 50-year odyssey & learn how it rocketed to new industries like PPE, nuclear, and aerospace.


Blast off with MDA and Brampton and discover how space manufacturing is launching success on Earth (and beyond?) Join Nick, Brendan, and the space-savvy guests for an interstellar adventure.

Precision Record Pressing

From vintage vibes to modern demand, learn how vinyl records are spinning back into the limelight. Feel the music, be in the room, all with the touch of a needle. Experience how craftsmanship intertwines with technology to deliver vinyls with innovative designs that captivate audiophiles worldwide.