How Downsview Aerospace Innovation & Research is helping our aerospace SMEs go green(er)

In this episode, Nick visits Downsview Aerospace Innovation & Research (DAIR) to chat with Maryse Harvey, Executive Director, Andrew Petrou, Chair of the Board, and Phil Arthurs, Director of Operations. The conversation centred around their Green Fund – a $2.6M FedDev Ontario initiative intended to “…reduce the aerospace sector’s environmental footprint and help SMEs be globally competitive.”

In our previous episode with DAIR, Alex Tsoulis discussed the importance of ensuring that employees in the aerospace supply chain are properly trained. This episode continues this discussion and explains how the Green Fundcan help. Through its Green Fund, DAIR hopes to reduce the environmental impacts of aerospace manufacturing, foster innovation by taking down silos and encourage collaboration among aerospace SMEs, OEMs, academia, and the supply chain.

All guests explained the importance of this advanced and innovative industry. Over the years, Canada has produced brilliantly innovative planes – which today includes the Bombardier Global 7500 business jet (capable of Mach 1.015).

Have a listen.


00:00-02:17 – Intro
02:18-04:14 – Meeting the guests, identifying the background noise
04:15-05:28 – DAIR’s long history of innovation
05:29-06:35 – Nick and Maryse quickly discuss the FedDev announcement from 2022
06:36-11:08 – Fostering collaboration, taking down silos, and elevating SMEs – the Green Fund
11:09-13:14 – What’s happening at DAIR today?
13:15-18:34 – The Bombardier Global 7500 Jet – The Pride of Ontario’s Aerospace industry
18:35-25:23 – The challenges in aerospace manufacturing – or – aiming for perfection
25:24-29:20 – Other regions are trying to poach our innovators!
29:21-33:36 – Lessons from the past -or- “We did the work!”
33:37-37:54 – Bringing it back to the Green Fund, & Nick gets to use the word “empennage”


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