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Company Profile

Company Description


Sweets from the Earth is a family-owned, vegan specialty baked goods manufacturer with over 150 types of desserts produced. Started in the early 2000s in a basement, they now have two dedicated manufacturing facilities in Toronto and ship across Canada.

Key Facts

Headquarters: 234 Canarctic Drive, North York, ON M3J 2N7

Other facilities: 2 separate facilities, gluten-free and nut-free, both on Canarctic Dr.


  • Ilana Kadanoff, Founder & President
  • Marc Kadanoff, Vice President

Year established: 2002

Number of employees: 45

Revenues: 3.5-5M, 2015 projectionv

Line of business

Specialty foods manufacturing – vegan baked goods

NAICS: 311814 Commercial Bakeries and Frozen Bakery Product Manufacturing


Nut free and gluten free cookies, loaves, muffins, cupcakes, frozen cookie dough, bars, squares, and treats, cakes and cheesecakes; specialty cakes; special order wedding cakes, breads, bagels, loot bags.


Customers: 55% retail stores (including Loblaws, Metro, 2nd Cup, Whole Foods), 40% food-service operations, 5% custom across Canada

Exports: none

R&D, Skills and Educational needs

Employees: many temporary workers hired through agency, little training; some professional chefs and cake decorators

R&D: continuous innovation in operations/process, food chemistry, nutrition science of ingredients


The founder, Ilana, was a lifelong vegan with a passion for baking. She attended pastry school and worked in restaurants before starting her own vegan bakery in her basement, 2002. Sales rocketed and the company moved to new facilities.

Competitive Environment


Competition from local vegan bakeries, national frozen dessert manufacturers.


  • Partner with University of Guelph on project
  • Agency used for part of workforce
  • Partner with Toronto Public Health to develop new line for low-income neighbourhoods
  • Partner with schools – nutrition programs
  • Government helpful, responsive at all three levels, especially Export Development Canada

SWOT Analysis


  • Niche: vegan, natural, and allergen-free: original recipe, egg free, dairy free, vegan baked goods. All natural, kosher, 100% plant based, GMO-free with a nut free line and a gluten free line
  • Products also have mainstream appeal
  • High-quality, appealing, friendly service
  • Quick turnover, short run


  • Product difficult to ship and store – e-commerce will be difficult
  • Difficult to source to company specs
  • High ingredient cost due to standards
  • Seasonality of product


  • Increasingly health-conscious population willing to spend more on specialty healthy alternatives


  • Rise of US dollar, since sales are in CAD but costs are largely USD
  • Comparatively low profit margin


Recent Developments

  • Exploring new product lines, test kitchen
  • Exploring e-commerce, new website


  • Recognized in Canada’s 2014 Profit 500
  • President named one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs, 2014