Ensuring continued success of Ontario’s aerospace sector requires training the next generation today

In this episode, Nick visits Downsview Aerospace Innovation and Research (DAIR) at Centennial College to chat about workforce development in aerospace manufacturing. The guests were Spyro Cacoutis, Workforce Development & Sustainability Manager at DAIR, and Michelle DeCoste, Dean of the Centre for Online Learning & Microcredentials at Centennial College. The discussion focused on DAIR’s and Centennial College’s activities in workforce development in Ontario’s aerospace manufacturing industry.

Aerospace manufacturing requires precision, leaving no room for error. As aircraft and their components become increasingly complex, efficient tracking of manufacturing (and MRO processes) becomes crucial. To ensure continued success and competitiveness, both the workforce and the companies in Ontario’s aerospace manufacturing sector must embrace modern industrial automation technologies and the principles of Industry 4.0

Have a listen to learn how Spyro and Michelle are doing just that.


00:00-03:20 – Nick’s Intro
03:21-08:12 – Meeting the guests
08:10-14:02 – Why re-shoring aerospace manufacturing makes sense now
14:04-15:19 – “This sounds like automotive manufacturing…”
15:20-23:06 – Nick saw students in class. What were they learning?
23:07-25:35 – How Michelle and Centennial College design courses
25:36-28:21 – Paper usage in aerospace manufacturing
28:22-34:42 – How Michelle and Centennial College design courses – continued
34:43-42:08 – How do we inspire youth to get involved in aerospace?
42:09-46:35 – The Green Fund was great. What else is DAIR working on?


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