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On the heels of the Trillium Network’s online map of Ontario Dairy Manufacturers, Nick and Brendan take a drive out to the University of Guelph to speak with Guelph Food Innovation Centre (GFIC) director, Derek Vella. While the centre’s 100-year history focused on the science of dairy production, today they’re working on innovations in almost all types of food production and processing. This includes protein bars, meat analogues, cellular agriculture, functional beverages, and of course, ice cream.

As Derek explains, ice cream manufacturing is sophisticated. Did you know that ice cream can be too cold? It can, and the scientific and culinary implications of this fact are a growing field of research and innovation. While milk, cream, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberries have traditionally been the primary ingredients, today’s market demands different options in their ice cream and different flavours.

Derek also discusses the expansive career opportunities available in the field of food science. A growing population and dynamic consumer demand will continue to drive innovation. What this means (for young people in particular) is a delicious variety of job and career opportunities. 

Have a listen and learn for yourself.

00:00-03:25 – Intro
03:26-04:51 – Meeting the guests
04:52-06:55 – Addressing the stigma of ‘processed’ food
06:56-09:39 – A 100 year history of dairy – “We have cows on campus.”
09:40-11:48 – We do a lot of work here at the GFIC on Ice Cream!’
11:49-14:34 – What’s changed and what hasn’t in the last 100 years
14:35-17:29 – What is GFIC doing today?
17:30-20:02 – How did COVID19 affect your operations?
20:03-22:55 – What kinds of flavours will we see moving forward?
22:56-28:02 – What are Derek’s students up to? What are they learning?
28:03-31:17 – The plant-based protein market (Do we just need better meat?)
31:18-34:45 – What careers are there in food science for young people?
34:41-37:21 – Looking at Derek’s career path – He began as a chef
37:22-42:17 – The economic multiplier effect of dairy production & the importance of ‘Local’
42:18-47:41 – How large & small companies can engage with the GFIC
47:42-51:49 – Discussing ‘Extrusion’ at the GFIC & other unique tech

Guelph Food Innovation Centre: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
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For information on degree and professional development courses in Dairy Technology, Food Safety & Quality Assurance, Ice Cream Technology, and Cheese Making visit Food Science – University of Guelph

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