Printing Electronics with Additive Manufacturing

In this episode of ‘Making it in Ontario’, Nick chats with Gerd Grau, professor of electrical engineering at York University, and Matt Ewertowski, product manager at Voltera. After 4 years of collaboration, they have found new and innovative applications for additive manufacturing: the 3D printing of electronics and electronic circuits directly into other components.

Collectively, their goal is to develop this technology for all manufacturers, not just a few select industries. The best use cases for this new technology have yet to be written, but in the hands of an innovative advanced manufacturer, anything is possible. Combined with industry 4.0, Gerd and Matt’s work opens the door for novel manufacturing methodologies, as well as improved product quality and variety.

Listen now to learn how. 

00:00 – 03:24 – Intro
03:25 – 05:55 – Meeting Gerd & his work with laser-induced graphene
05:42 – 06:28 – Meeting Matt & his work at Voltera
06:29 – 08:09 – How Matt & Gerd met, & what they’re working on now
08:10 – 12:32 – 3D printing vs additive manufacturing, & where they fit into the discussion
12:33 – 18:58 – The advantages of 3D printing electronics are more than just cost savings
18:59 – 20:11 – The use-cases for this technology are yet to be fully realised – the sky’s the limit
20:12 – 25:53 – Voltera’s evolution from traditional to additive electronics & their future plans
25:54 – 32:14 – The barriers to accessibility of this new technology – or – Not enough cooks in the kitchen
32:15 – 34:33 – Best practices & use cases for this new tech have yet to be written
34:34 – 38:19 – What’s next for our guests and their tech?

Gerd Grau’s work on Laser-Induced Graphene
Electronics Additive Manufacturing (E-AM) Lab at York University
Voltera Additive Electronics