How Vineland Research & Innovation Centre is helping Ontario do more with less

In this episode, Nick chats with Hussam Haroun, Director of Automation at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. According to Haroun, the centre’s goal is to bring modern technology (robotics, vision systems, AI, machine learning, etc.) to the sector and improve productivity in horticulture/agriculture.

Haroun and his team have developed ‘Technology Roadmaps’ to make adoption of advanced technologies more accessible. The Vineland team uses their facility to demonstrate available technology and develop automated solutions. This presents an opportunity for Ontario producers and manufacturers who are interested in partnering with Vineland to commercialise their research.

Learn how Vineland is helping the horticulture and agri-food sectors in Ontario adopt the latest technologies and the strategies for how they did it.

Have a listen and don’t forget to check out the links below.

00:00-03:47 – Intro
03:48-04:47 – Meeting the Guests
04:48-08:57 – The Vineland ‘Road Maps’ & doing more with less post COVID 19…
08:58-10:27 – …because, “It’s not about replacing people with robots…”
10:28-13:34 – Nick picks some strawberries, and the commercial limits of current technology
13:35-15:04 – “The business case is challenging.” The tech is there, but the ROI isn’t
15:05-19:08 – Stepping Stones’, mushroom harvesting, & collaboration partners
19:09-20:49 – The importance of data collection in food production for AI and machine learning
20:50-23:05 – How the roadmaps helped raise awareness and collaboration in the industry
23:06-25:43 – How they created their ‘Road Map’, & the importance of taking small steps
25:44-28:10 – How a lack of scale can make getting (and developing) new tech a challenge
28:11-30:18 – What new tech is ready to be deployed?
30:19-34:14 – Vineland: A place to validate, demonstrate, and collaborate

Learn more about Vineland’s work with Ontario manufacturers:
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MTX Fruit Ripening Systems
A.M.A. Horticulture
Kew Vineyards and Central Fabrication

Check out Vineland’s technology roadmaps:
Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers
Berry Growers of Ontario