Data Bulletins Provide Insight into Ontario’s Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem

Beginning in January 2022, the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing will publish monthly Data Bulletins that provide insight into important topics related to Ontario’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem. These topics include, but are not limited to, the manufacturing workforce, trade, technological adoption, and industry structure. These bulletins draw upon publicly available information and from the Trillium Network’s database of more than 10,000 Ontario manufacturers.

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Data Bulletin 4 – April 2022

Employment Change, Plant Size, & Production Concentration in Ontario

Ontario manufacturing facilities are diverse in size and scope. The province is home to large companies as well as smaller, craft-based manufacturers. Since 2015, some industries have seen a shift in production concentration from large plants to smaller ones. Others have not.

Contributors: Brendan Sweeney and Andrew Horne.

Data Bulletin 3 – March 2022

Canadian Manufacturing & Trade Dependence

Over the past few years, international trade has been disrupted by issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping costs, protectionism, climate change, and most recently, the conflict in the Ukraine. For many manufacturers in Canada, international trade is vital. But different industries are integrated into the international economy differently. This data bulletin provides initial insight into these relationships on an industry-by-industry basis.

Contributors: Erman Sener, Debanjan Dhar, and Brendan Sweeney.

Data Bulletin 2 – February 2022

Ontario’s Top 100 Manufacturers

Ontario is home to hundreds of manufacturing facilities owned by prominent globally-competitive companies. This data bulletin, which is accompanied by a new TrilliumGIS vertical, identifies the 100 largest manufacturers in Ontario, which represent approximately one-third of output and employment in the province. 

Contributors: Erman Sener, Brendan Sweeney, Debanjan Dhar, Andrew Horne, and Cliff Patterson.

Data Bulletin 1 – January 2022

Occupational Diversity and Ontario Manufacturing

Ontario’s skilled and talented workforce provides the province’s manufacturers with an important competitive advantage. However, the workforce needs of manufacturers differ considerably across industries. Some industries rely extensively on tradespeople, while others rely on engineers or scientists. Programs designed to support the development of the manufacturing workforce should take these differences into account.

Contributors: Brendan Sweeney, Eva Kwan, and Greg Keenan