This Trillium Network member strives to make a positive impact on those she is closest to and always challenges herself to grow. She loves her cats, Quinn and Bobie, almost as much as her favourite K-Pop boy band, Stray Kids.

Kristine worked in both the tech and entertainment industries before joining the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing. She appreciates the belief and encouragement that Trillium has in its team members which aligns with her priority of making connections in both her professional and personal lives.  

What attracted you to the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing?

I was initially drawn to trying something completely unfamiliar that would teach me new things and broaden my perspective. The start-to-finish process of market and audience research was very intriguing.

What are your main priorities and goals in your role?

My priorities are definitely identifying our target audience and comparing our research against our marketing channels to forecast how to best move forward. Ensuring that all of our Trillium team understands and recognizes our audiences is a current goal.

What have the highlights been so far working with the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing?

There is a rich sense of accomplishment that comes from the autonomy I’ve been given. To be provided the desired context and ‘why’ of a project and then to direct the process myself is very empowering. I also learn a great deal from the other team members in our weekly meetings when they share their experience and interests. I find motivation in that group collaboration.

How do you define success and what drives you to succeed?

I feel most successful if I am able to continuously evolve, learn and see a positive impact from the work I do. It is easy to feel that your contributions are insignificant on a global level but by shifting perspective you can become a positive driving force in your own personal community.

What is your favourite hobby?

During the pandemic I started playing video games again and have also become really interested in K-Pop; the music, the community and even trading merchandise.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Connect your heart with your work and your work will connect with others. I have realized that in order to feel fulfilled, I need to see that what I do has a positive impact on others – that there is a personal connection. When I believe in what I am doing, it allows me to freely invest the time and energy because I can see the eventual dividends.

Last books I read: I just read Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom from Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s Legendary CEO. It obviously refers to game development but surprisingly, also speaks to true leadership, trust building and personal relationships in a way that is universal.

Can’t live without: My two cats, Quinn and Bobbie, even though I’ve just found out that I’m allergic to them.

Favourite band/song: My favourite K-pop boy band is Stray Kids and I currently have their newest song, MANIAC, on repeat. Give it a listen.

Winter or Summer? Summer is definitely my favourite because my birthday is in the summer.
Ninjas or Pirates? Ninjas are so skilled and stealthy and amazing soundtracks consistently accompany pirates so it’s impossible to choose!
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Cats or Dogs? Cats
Pizza or Sushi? Sushi