This Trillium Network team member has experience working in the financial sector, loves road trips, and is a published author on: Automotive Periphery: Turkey’s Battery Electric Vehicle Maker Togg.

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Erman Sener was a Mitacs Accelerate Intern for the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing before he became a project manager. He joined Trillium in December 2019, while completing his Master of Engineering and Public Policy at McMaster University. Before moving to Canada in August 2019, Erman worked at an international bank in New York for three years as a banking associate, assisting global corporate clients, including some major Canadian firms. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in operations research as well as minors in Computer Science, Economics, and Entrepreneurship from Columbia University in Manhattan. 

What attracted you to the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing?

Initially I was drawn to how supportive and encouraging the Trillium Network was to allow me to work part-time as I completed my Master’s degree. Once I graduated and had the opportunity to contribute full-time, I was drawn to utilizing my knowledge of engineering, public policy and economics. I admit that working for the public in the not-for-profit sector also had great appeal and added motivation.

What are your main priorities and goals in your role?

My main priorities would be leading research projects, coordinating the GIS database migration and engaging with manufacturers to write company profiles. My goals are to ensure projects are completed on time. In the coming months we will launch a number of GIS verticals and keep raising awareness about Ontario’s diverse manufacturing ecosystem through our company profiles.

What have the highlights been so far working with the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing?

Given my education and interests, my highlight has been to interact and partner with stakeholders in municipalities, economic development offices and provincial and federal government departments. Interfacing with all of these collaborators who can influence policy in the real world is a great opportunity.

How do you define success and what drives you to succeed?

Professionally I believe that producing quality work that demonstrates Trillium’s capabilities is definitely a success. On a personal level, I think success is more connected to pursuing my interests and ensuring that what I accomplish always aligns with my values.

What is your favourite hobby?

I have to admit that between school, work and moving, I really haven’t focused on much else in the last several years. I enjoy reading and photography (check out my website) and have developed a true appreciation for nature and wildlife in Canada. The history, culture, music and landscape of different places really intrigues me, so I think that travel would be my true interest. Whether it be exploring my own neighbourhood, a road trip around a new area of the province or travelling abroad, I will always enjoy learning about the world and its people.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Listen twice as much as you speak.

Hometown: This is complicated. My original home town is Sakarya, Turkey. But I grew up mostly in Istanbul, then lived in New York City for seven years and have been in Ontario for the past three years. I support a soccer team in Turkey, a baseball team in New York and a hockey team in Ontario. All of these locations carry a lot of meaning for me.

Last books I read: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt and now I’m reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.

Favourite restaurant: COVID hasn’t allowed me much opportunity to dine in at many places but recently I had a great dinner at Abruzzi, a wonderful Italian eatery here in London.

Can’t live without: In a word: Cheese. I cannot live without cheese!

Favourite band/song: I’m a consumer of all different genres, from rock to jazz to folk from different regions. I also like exploring and collecting vinyl records from all kinds of places. Last summer I randomly drove by a garage sale somewhere in Huron County and found a functioning vintage record player sitting next to a Ford Model T. A vinyl was still on it. It was an album by the Canadian rock band Lighthouse and One Fine Morning was the first song on that album. So funny enough, that turned out to be my most frequently played song in 2021.

Winter or Summer? Summer
Ninjas or Pirates? Pirates
Dogs or Cats? Cats
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Pizza or Sushi? Pizza