In this episode of ‘Making it in Ontario,’ Nick sits down with three representatives from Tri-Mach; their CEO, Krystal Darling, their Senior Director of Sales, Kory Graham, and their Marketing Manager, Grant Luszczek. Headquartered in Elmira, Ontario (with other facilities across North America), the company recently expanded to a new facility to keep pace with its growth. Tri-Mach’s expertise and product lines are used by Canadian household brands like Maple Leaf Foods, Unilever, McNeil Personal Healthcare and Pepsi.

Since Tri-Mach’s customers are primarily in the food/beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, their products have very specific performance requirements. The ability to simply, efficiently, and effectively clean their equipment with a hose was a critical design element. (For information on how they did this, skip to the Ever-Kleen discussion.)

One will notice a diverse range of genders and ages on their shop floor. But it wasn’t a happy accident that they got to this point. The Tri-Mach Group has been actively working to develop their skills pipeline, both internally and externally, through training and upskilling programs. They have a welding school (The Skilled Trades Excellence Centre) on their shop floor where “…senior talent works with junior talent” to complete their CWB Tickets and TSSA Tickets. In addition to being the CEO, Krystal is a member of the Board of Governors at Conestoga College.

Tri-Mach has implemented innovative solutions to many of the challenges we’ve studied at the Trillium Network (gender diversity, the skills gap, shortage of employable land, etc.). An admirable culture of employee support and ongoing innovation will ensure their continued success in Ontario’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

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