00:00-03:46 – Nick’s Intro
03:47-08:16 – Meeting the guests
08:17-12:23 – The good, the bad, & the great about nuclear power
12:24-19:08 – “Where does your technology end up going in the plants?”
19:09-22:57 – Discussing innovations in nuclear automation. What’s getting innovated?
22:58-28:12 – How automation can remove paper from the tracking process
28:13-33:48 – When your industry regulator WANTS innovation, it leads to great things!
33:49-38:14 – Discussing a specific innovation & the award it won
38:15-41:37 – Bridging the gap between human experience & automation
41:38-44:27 – Darryl describes the nature of the players in the sector – “Compet-a-Mates”

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