In this episode, Nick chats with Steve Cox and Andrew Conway, respectively, the president and vice president of Windsor, Ontario’s own, Dimachem, a supplier of industrial blended chemicals. First founded in 1972 and originally called Chemfil Canada Ltd., this year, the company celebrated their 50th year of operation.

Today, Dimachem continues to manufacture and innovate. A few years ago, they became the Canadian toll manufacturer of Pine-Sol for Clorox, pivoted their manufacturing to make hand sanitizer during the pandemic, and installed a multi-million dollar packaging machine.

Dimachem’s operations actually grew during the pandemic, and they were able (needed) to hire more staff. The secret to their success is their people. By empowering its employees with the latest technology and actively listening to their feedback, the company has cultivated a culture of adaptability that will ensure operational success for years to come.

Have a listen to learn how they did it.

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