Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation (TAC-B)

Organizational focus: The Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation (TAC-B) focuses on biotechnology research.

Who they are: Based at La Cité in Ottawa, TAC-B is a research and development centre that helps businesses improve their products and processes within the realm of biotechnology. The centre is co-financed through public and private funds that serve innovation in several sectors including life sciences, clean technologies, agriculture, and chemical industries.

What they offer: TAC-B partners with industry to conduct applied research and develop prototypes across three laboratories focused on microbiology, genetics, and instrumentation. This is accompanied by scientific personnel with expertise in microbiology, cell biology, plant biology, molecular biology, and genetics.


Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation
3rd Floor, Building B
Collège La Cité
Ottawa, ON
K1K 4R3

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Published: June 5, 2024

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