Technology Access Centre in Bio-Innovation (TAC-B)

Based at Collège La Cité, Technology Access Center in Bio-Innovation (TAC-B) contributes to the biotechnology sector and accelerates innovation in businesses by supporting product development and improvement. TAC-B’s business model is based on a partnership with industry for applied research, co-financed by public and private funds, in which the intellectual property of the prototypes is transferred to companies.

The TAC-B team is made up of research staff, research professors, and students of the Baccalaureate specializing in biotechnology who work in close collaboration with private companies and partner institutions. Research conducted by TAC-B is applicable in health biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, and industrial biotechnology.


Pavilion B, 3rd floor

Collège La Cité
801 Prom. Aviation Parkway
Ottawa, Ontario
K1K 4R3

Areas of Expertise

Analytical Chemistry
Tissue Culture
Molecular Biology
Food processing


Product R&D

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Published: September 21, 2021

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