Sensor Systems and Internet of Things Lab

Organizational focus: The Sensor Systems and Internet of Things (IoT) Lab focuses on innovative IoT system design and deployment research.

Who they are: Based at Carleton University, The Sensor Systems and IoT Lab is a central hub for innovative research in topics surrounding IoT applications. It conducts research and supports the adoption of IoT technologies through the development of proof-of-concept and prototype systems in collaboration with various industrial partners. 

What they offer: The lab’s research and application areas include smart grids, big data, and real-time IoT data visualization. Its IoT technologies in development range from UAV-assisted IoT systems to machine learning and network configuration. The lab also collaborates with Cisco Systems on the Carleton-Cisco Testbed, which enables data processing from sensing to application. 


Sensor Systems and Internet of Things Lab
Room 2455, Mackenzie Building
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5B6

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Published: June 5, 2024

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