Pulp and Paper Centre

Founded in 1987, the Pulp & Paper Centre at the University of Toronto facilitates partnerships between the University of Toronto and the pulp and paper industry to provide excellence in education, research, and information transfer. Embracing the new biological and high-tech tools in a multidisciplinary approach, the Pulp & Paper Centre has broadened its activities to include biorefinery research projects which seek to convert forest biomass and mill effluents into alternative sources of energy, including methane and bio-ethanol.


Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering – Room 420
University of Toronto
200 College Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3E5

Areas of Expertise

Chemical and energy recovery
Sustainable energy
High temperature processes
Fluid mechanics
Heat transfer
Process control
Materials science
Paper science
Surface science
Printing and converting
Coating and calendering
Bioprocess engineering


Materials R&D
Process R&D
Product R&D

Contact Information

Website: http://www.pulpandpaper.utoronto.ca/

Published: September 22, 2021

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