NRC – Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Centre (NRC-AST)

Organizational focus: The National Research Council’s Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Centre (NRC-AST) develops innovative technology solutions to meet material and manufacturing challenges.

Who they are: Based in Ottawa, NRC-AST collaborates with industries across the supply chain looking for research expertise, facilities and technologies to advance their manufacturing processes. It works with academia and industry to develop and commercialize surface transportation and manufacturing innovations.

What they offer: NRC-AST assists industries in increasing their productivity, decreasing product time-to-market, and advancing sustainable development strategies. It provides expertise across several domains including low-emission ground transportation, climate resilience and safety, digital and sustainable manufacturing, the circular economy and biodegradable materials, and defence and security systems.


National Research Council Automotive and Surface Transportation Research Centre
2320 Lester Rd
Ottawa, ON
K1V 1S2

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Published: June 5, 2024

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