Medical Technologies Innovation Centre (MTIC)

Based at Mohawk College, the Medical Technologies Innovation Centre (MTIC) is part of IDEAWORKS – Mohawk’s active hub of applied research and innovation.

Located within a $25.85 million, four-story facility, MTIC represents a unique partnership between McMaster University and Mohawk College. It supports research initiatives that strengthen the innovation of existing and emerging medical technologies and advance patient and community care by creating pathways to adoption within our healthcare system through community and industry partnerships.

MTIC can help medical technology companies with product improvement, providing feedback and recommendations to help improve products and processes to support improved clinical outcomes. Partners can reduce technology development costs by leveraging provincial and federal funding.

Leveraging Mohawk’s Simulated Hospital Lab, the team at MTIC can support the deployment of new medical technologies into the healthcare system through testing and validation research that focuses on usability and interoperability.


Mohawk College
135 Fennell Avenue West
Hamilton, Ontario
L9C 0E5

Areas of Expertise

Medical technology

MTIC’s researchers specialize in a range of disciplines, including:

– Including research on education, professional practice, technology as a teaching modality, and smart technology supports for informal caregivers

Health studies
– Including research on autism spectrum disorders, habit-based coaching, and applied behavioural analysis

Community studies
– Including research on mental health, care work, and virtual reality experiences for students

Mental health and disability management


Facility Access & Testing
Product R&D
Skills & Professional Development
Business Development & Consulting

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Published: April 22, 2022

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