Innovation Factory

Organizational focus: The newly amalgamated Innovation Factory, building upon the legacies of itself and Haltech, concentrates on propelling entrepreneurs toward commercial success while fostering rapid expansion of companies.

Who they are: Situated at the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Innovation Factory, now strengthened by the fusion with Haltech, operates from two locations, one of which is the McMaster Innovation Park. As a not-for-profit business accelerator and regional technology innovation catalyst, it embodies collaborative progress and transformative growth.

What they offer: With a comprehensive array of services tailored to every phase of business development, the new Innovation Factory empowers startups and scaling enterprises alike. These encompass expert advisory services, specialized training, mentorship programs, intellectual property safeguarding, sales optimization support, facilitation of investment inflow, and strategic networking opportunities, all aimed at catalyzing the journey from concept to market realization.


Innovation Factory
Unit B21
175 Longwood Rd S
Hamilton, ON
L8P 0A1

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Published: June 5, 2024

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