Ho Research Group – Laboratory for Drug Delivery and Biomaterials

Based at the University of Waterloo, the Ho Research Group is focused on the development and characterization of innovative nanoparticles, medical devices, and biomaterials for drug delivery and vaccine applications. The Ho Research Group’s technology platforms are designed to be customizable to enhance drug solubility, targeted delivery, and improved therapeutic efficacy. Additionally, The Ho Research Group has the experience, knowledge and necessary infrastructure to develop characterize its technology platforms in vitro and in vivo, and pharmaceutical formulations for small molecule drugs, proteins/peptides, and nucleic acids.


Health Sciences Campus
University of Waterloo
10A Victoria Street South
Kitchener, Ontario
N2G 1C5

Areas of Expertise

Innovative nanoparticles
Medical devices
Biomaterials for drug delivery and vaccine applications


Product R&D
Materials R&D
Facility Access & Testing

Contact Information

Website: http://horesearchgroup.com/

Email: emmanuel.ho@uwaterloo.ca

Twitter: @HoResearchGroup

LinkedIn: Emmanuel Ho – Principal Investigator

Published: September 21, 2021

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