Hatton Lab Functional and Adaptive Surfaces Group

Organizational focus: The Hatton Lab Functional and Adaptive Surfaces Group (The Hatton Lab) creates advanced materials and surface structures by adopting natural biological ideas.

Who they are: Based at the University of Toronto’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the Hatton Lab is an interdisciplinary research group that designs smart, active surfaces using lithography, templating, and self-assembly methods. This research is critical in several industries, including electronics and semiconductors, life sciences, and sustainable infrastructure.

What they offer: The Hatton Lab offers materials research in several areas, including biomaterials and biointerfaces, surface and wetting adhesion, porous and cellular materials, smart and adaptive surfaces, and self-organized pattern formation. Its applications include antimicrobial surfaces, non-fouling materials, smart medical devices, active building facades, and active adhesion.


Hatton Lab Functional and Adaptive Surfaces Group
Department of Material Science and Engineering
University of Toronto
184 College St
Toronto, ON
M5S 3E3

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Published: June 5, 2024

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