Centre for Smart Mining (CSM)

Based at Cambrian College, the Centre for Smart Mining (CSM) is a Technology Access Centre that de-risks and demystifies new mining technologies by facilitating technology adoption in the mining sector. Its primary client base includes mining technology companies and mining end-users.

The CSM’s labs offer an array of equipment for businesses to use, from mechanical prototyping equipment to electronic prototyping and testing equipment. Moreover, the CSM’s Interactive Visit program provides eligible Canadian companies with up to 20 hours of specialized technical, business, and commercialization assistance for a small fee. The program unlocks access to the CSM’s wide-ranging expertise and equipment.


Centre for Smart Mining
Cambrian College
1400 Barrydowne Road
Sudbury, Ontario
P3A 3V8

Areas of Expertise

Digital technologies
Underground communications
Mechatronics engineering
Battery-powered and connected mining vehicles
Alternative tailings treatment technologies


Product R&D
Project Development
Facility Access & Testing
Skills & Professional Development

Contact Information

Website: https://cambriancollege.ca/csm/

Email: Steve Gravel – Manager – stephen.gravel@cambriancollege.ca

Twitter: @CambrianRD

Published: April 22, 2022

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