Centre for Research in Photonics (CRPuO)

Based at the University of Ottawa, the Centre for Research in Photonics (CRPuO) is at the forefront of photonics research. It leverages the strong regional concentration of photonics and technology companies, the embedded base of intellectual capital, and partnerships with universities and federal research labs. Applications of photonics are diverse from communications systems to uses in biology, quantum computation, medicine, environmental sensing, and green technologies.

In addition to human capital, the CRPuO includes state-of-the-art research facilities in the new Advanced Research Complex – a building designed and constructed from the ground up with photonics research in mind. In addition to about a dozen individual research labs, the CRPuO includes two core facilities: the SUNLab and the NanoFab, both open for business. The CRPuO has partnered with many large well-known companies as well as small and medium enterprises.


Centre for Research in Photonics
Room 350
University of Ottawa
25 Templeton Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5

Areas of Expertise

Optical physics
High-efficiency photovoltaics
Agile networks
Microwave photonics
Embedded photonics systems
Emerging device technologies
Sensors and sensor networks


Product R&D
Process R&D

Contact Information

Website: https://photonics.uottawa.ca/en

Twitter: @CRPuO

Published: September 21, 2021

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