Centre for Microbial Chemical Biology (CMCB)

Based at McMaster University, the Centre for Microbial Chemical Biology provides easy access to the expertise and equipment necessary for chemical biology research. The CMCB provides the capabilities necessary for cell culture, assay development, high throughput screening, small molecule synthesis, natural product isolations, molecule identification for drug discovery, and basic research applications. Expert staff is on hand to maintain the equipment and offer training and assistance for all users. Alternatively, CMCB staff members are available to assist with designing and completing individual experiments and projects for researchers.

The CMCB features six integrated modules designed to cover a large scope of chemical biology research activities. Together, these six modules provide the capabilities for the development of new drugs, addressing fundamental biological questions, developing novel analytical techniques and technology, and training exceptionally skilled researchers. Systems are available for use by internal and external academic researchers on a user-cost basis.


Michael DeGroote Centre for Learning and Discovery – Room 2330
McMaster University
1200 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 4K1

Areas of Expertise

High-throughput screening
Cell and growth and lysis
Chromatographic separations
Kinetic analysis
Natural-product isolation
Mass spectrometry
Protein expression & purification


Materials R&D
Process R&D
Facility Access & Testing

Contact Information

Website: http://iidr.mcmaster.ca/cmcb/

Email: Dr. Tracey Campbell – Research Manager – campbtl@mcmaster.ca

Twitter: @McMasterIIDR

Published: September 14, 2021

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