Centre for Catalysis Research & Innovation (CCRI)

The Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation (CCRI) at the University of Ottawa is Canada’s largest co-located, multidisciplinary catalysis research centre. It was created in 2001 with the vision to establish national and international collaborations at the interface of chemistry, engineering and biology in order to conceive and develop new approaches to catalysis science. Catalysis is involved in some 90% of current chemical processes, cutting a broad swath across the fuels, polymers, materials and pharmaceutical industries.

The CCRI currently includes 48 principal investigators from the Department of Chemistry (Faculty of Science), the Department Chemical and Biological Engineering (Faculty of Engineering), the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology (Faculty of Medicine) and the Ottawa Health Research Institute.


Biosciences Complex
University of Ottawa
30 Marie-Curie
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5

Areas of Expertise

Materials characterization
High-Thoroughput Experimentation
Nanostructured catalysts and materials for energy applications
Catalysis for pharma and fine chemicals
Value-added chemicals from renewable feedstocks


Materials R&D
Facility Access & Testing

Contact Information

Website: https://www.uottawa.ca/catalysis/

Email: infocric@uottawa.ca

Published: September 22, 2021

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