Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education (CARRE)

The Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education (CARRE) is a University of Toronto initiative to expand and unify research and teaching activities related to the burgeoning field of aerial robotics. At CARRE, the goal is to develop new technologies, teach students, and disseminate research results to Canadian aerial robotics companies and partner institutions.

Aerial robots hold great promise for applications as diverse as natural resource monitoring, infrastructure inspection, agriculture, mineral exploration, journalism, and search & rescue operations. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) form the most vibrant sector of the aerospace industry, growing more quickly than any other segment. In order to advance research in this field, CARRE brings together aerodynamicists, structural designers, materials engineers, propulsion experts, control specialists, and roboticists, to design and develop state-of-the-art aerial robotic platforms.


Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education
University of Toronto
4925 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario
M3H 5T6

Areas of Expertise

Control, autonomy, and navigation
– Vision-based localization and mapping
– Visual inspection
– Robust control and machine learning
– Sensory calibration
– Fault detection and fault-tolerant control

Airframe optimization
– Aerodynamic optimization
– Maneuverability performance
– Light-weight structures and materials
– Flow control

Sensory feedback for improved UAV pilot
– Pilot’s training
– Flight simulation
– Performance assessment


Product R&D
Materials R&D
Process R&D

Contact Information

Website: https://carre.utoronto.ca/

Email: coordinator@carre.utoronto.ca

Published: September 20, 2021

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