Centre for Advanced Polymer Processing and Design (CAPPA-D)

Based at McMaster University, the Centre for Advanced Polymer Processing and Design (CAPPA-D) is involved in research, education, and technology transfer in the area of polymer processing and rheology. CAPPA-D’s projects involve formulation, conversion, and characterization of plastics, mathematical modeling of single and twin screw extrusion, coextrusion, injection molding, thermoforming, rotational molding, film blowing, reactive extrusion, mixing, and coating.


John Hodgins Engineering Building – Room 374
Department of Chemical Engineering

McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 4L7

Areas of Expertise

Polymer processing
Rotational molding
Twin-screw extrusion
Film blowing
Rheology of metallocenes
Coating flows
Reactive extrusion


Product R&D
Process R&D

Contact Information

Website: https://www.eng.mcmaster.ca/centre-advanced-polymer-processing-and-design-cappa-d

Email: Dr. Michael Thompson – Professor, Chemical Engineering – mthomps@mcmaster.ca

Published: September 22, 2021

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