Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ)

A culmination of about 40 years of welding and joining work at the University of Waterloo, the Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ) was established to develop new and innovative technologies for materials joining. Joining is a fundamental requirement in the manufacturing of industrial products. In addition to the well-recognized role of joining in the assembly of automobiles, bridges, buildings, process plants and pipelines, it is also crucial for product sectors such as microelectronics and medical devices. Joining processes are also essential tools in repair and maintenance.

The CAMJ has cutting-edge laboratory facilities and research areas to collaborate with leading companies in the industry for research and development.


Engineering 3 Building – Rooms E3-2118, 2168, 2169, 2171, 2103-B
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 3G1

Areas of Expertise

Microwelding – laser and resistance microwelding for medical applications
Microjoining – soldering and wire bonding for electronics
Nanojoining – practical interconnection and construction technologies of nano-mechatronics and molecular devices
Laser, arc, resistance and friction stir welding – automotive applications


Process R&D
Product R&D

Contact Information

Website: https://uwaterloo.ca/centre-advanced-materials-joining/

Published: September 22, 2021

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