Clean Combustion Engine Lab (CCEL)

Organizational focus: The Clean Combustion Engine Lab (CCEL) specializes in sustainable heat engine development. It aims to enhance the engine combustion process and minimize pollutant emissions through innovative technologies.

Who they are: Located at the University of Windsor, CCEL is a research and development facility dedicated to advancing sustainable heat engine technology. Collaborating with original equipment manufacturers, research institutes, and government agencies, the lab focuses on improving the engine combustion process and reducing pollutant emissions.

What they offer: CCEL conducts research in advanced clean engine combustion, deterministic ignition and control, biofuel technology, modelling and diagnosis, and active flow control exhaust after-treatment systems. Their facilities include the Engine Dynamometer Labs, Spray and Optical Lab, Deterministic Ignition and Control Lab, and Simulation Analytical Tools Facility.


Clean Combustion Engine Lab
University of Windsor
754 California Ave
Windsor, ON
N9B 2Z2

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Published: June 5, 2024

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