Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education (CARRE)

Organizational focus: The Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education (CARRE) develops new technologies and disseminates research results to Canadian aerial robotics companies and partner institutions.

Who they are: Based at the University of Toronto, CARRE is a research centre that expands research and learning activities related to aerial robotics. CARRE brings together an interdisciplinary team of faculty members from the University of Toronto, York University, the University of Waterloo, and industrial partners to address unique challenges with drones and complex aerial systems.

What they offer: CARRE brings together aerodynamicists, structural designers, materials engineers, propulsion experts, control specialists, and roboticists to design and develop aerial robotic platforms. It also holds an annual aerial robotics workshop and challenge event and dedicates research programs at U of T Engineering to aerial robotics students.


Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education
University of Toronto
4925 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario
M3H 5T6

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Published: April 15, 2024

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