Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, and a world-leader in developing nuclear technology for peaceful and innovative applications. Using its unique expertise, CNL aims to restore and protect the environment, advance clean energy technology, and advance medical breakthroughs.

CNL undertakes research activities to further understand the biological applications of nuclear research, including clean energy initiatives and understanding the effects of exposure to ionizing radiation on the health of Canadians. Furthermore, CNL focuses on small modular reactors (SMRs), radiopharmaceuticals (including Actinium-225), nuclear liabilities and environmental remediation, nuclear forensics, detection and other critical infrastructure.


286 Plant Rd.
Chalk River, Ontario
K0J 1J0

Areas of Expertise

Nuclear medicine
Nuclear safety and security
Low dose radiation
Medical isotopes
Advanced fuels
Hydrogen technology
Small modular reactor technology
Reactor sustainability


Product R&D
Business development and consulting

Contact Information



Twitter: @CNL_LNC


Published: September 29, 2021

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