Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ)

Organizational focus: The Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ) strives to develop new and innovative technologies for the joining of materials.

Who they are: Based at the University of Waterloo, CAMJ is an applied research center that conducts joining research in collaboration with government, industry, and research partners across sectors. They implement a variety of joining techniques into their research, including welding, brazing, soldering, adhesive bonding, and other technologies. 

What they offer: CAMJ has several advanced laboratory facilities and research areas in which to collaborate with leading companies in industries ranging from automotive to infrastructure. The centre takes up projects in several key areas, including micro-welding, microjoining, nanojoining, and laser arc, resistance, and friction stir welding.


Centre for Advanced Materials Joining
Engineering Building 3
University of Waterloo
N2L 3G1

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Published: June 5, 2024

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