Biomedical Zone

A proud partnership between Toronto Metropolitan University and St. Michael’s Hospital, the Biomedical Zone is a physician-led, hospital-based health technology incubator in downtown Toronto. Its supportive, dynamic environment allows early-stage health technology companies to validate their need-based solutions directly in the hospital setting with clinicians, business experts, and innovative thinkers. Through the Biomedical Zone, startups are able to rapidly iterate their technology, refine their business model, and demonstrate clinical value.

The Biomedical Zone offers the resources needed to accelerate product development from early prototype stages to commercialization. Its first-in-class programs offer startups unprecedented access to the clinical environment while facilitating unique experiential learning opportunities for students and transforming the way hospitals innovate.


Li Ka-Shing Knowledge Institute – 7th Floor

Keenan Research Centre
St. Michael’s Hospital
209 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1T8

Areas of Expertise

Healthcare solutions
Clinical validation of medical technology


Product R&D
Project Development
Business Development & Consulting
Skills & Professional Development

Contact Information


Email 1: Paul Hacking – Operations Coordinator –

Email 2:

Twitter: @BiomedicalZone

LinkedIn: Biomedical Zone

Published: September 26, 2021

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