Biointerfaces Institute

Organizational focus: The Biointerfaces Institute is a collaborative research environment advancing material and biological interfaces.

Who they are: Based at McMaster University, the Biointerfaces Institute is a research facility investigating how biological systems respond to the introduction of synthetic materials and how an engineered interface responds to a biological system. The institute offers a collaborative environment to connect researchers and industrial partners.

What they offer: The Biointerfaces Institute comprises 10,000 sq ft. of dedicated space to enable the generation of biologically modified surfaces and materials. Its four instrument suites (Surface Characterization, Bio Selectivity, HT Synthesis and Screening, and Biological Preparation) provide advanced equipment for producing and characterizing new materials, including robotic synthesis and screening platforms, 3D printing, and microarray production.


Biointerfaces Institute
Engineering Technology Building
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON
L8S 4L8

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Published: April 3, 2024

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