Month: March 2019

DUKE Careers – Manufacturing Connections Event

“DUKE Careers- Manufacturing Connections is a one-day education and industry engagement event for job-seekers, businesses, and professionals in the ‘food and furniture’ manufacturing sectors. The event aims to dispel employment myths, generate solutions for ongoing attraction and retention issues and explore opportunities for building rewarding careers in the ‘food and furniture manufacturing’ sectors.” Find details …

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Gender inclusion and diversity toolkit

CME’s Gender and Diversity toolkits were created to build awareness and start a conversation about Women in Manufacturing so that everyone involved in the manufacturing sector feels that they can take action to help make the manufacturing more gender inclusive. The toolkit is made for manufacturers, by manufacturers. It is open source and, provides a …

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Intelligent Podcast – Cyber Security

“In this episode, we speak with Sulemaan Ahmed, Principal at Servo Annex and AJ Khan, Founder of Cloud GRC and Cloud Security Guru about the emerging issue of Cyber Security. As Industry 4.0 continues…” Continue reading here. 

What The Future Of Manufacturing Automation Could Look Like

Automation is already a popular manufacturing process, but with advances in AI and remote communication, this practice is likely to explode in the coming years. Automation in terms of manufacturing basically means taking rote tasks and designing a system that performs them in a fully automatic way. For example, a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant might have …

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