What kind of information is available through TrilliumGIS?

  • TrilliumGIS includes establishment-level information about thousands of Ontario manufacturers.
  • Users can search and sort information by company name, location, and NAICS code.

What does NAICS stand for?

Where do you get the information about manufacturers from?

  • All of the information is compiled from publicly-available sources. We work with our partners to ensure this data is accurate and up-to-date.
  • If something is missing or inaccurate please contact us and we will update our data.

Do you collect other data about Ontario manufacturers?

  • Yes! We compile information about company ownership, location, employment, production, capabilities, capacity, industries served, customers, investment, and establishment/company history.
  • For access to this information, all of which is compiled from publicly-available sources, please contact us at info@trilliummfg.ca.

TrilliumGIS is undergoing maintenance

Check back soon to access information about thousands of Ontario manufacturers!

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