Leveraging Data & AI: A Practical Guide for Small & Medium-Sized Manufacturers

On Monday, June 24, a workshop to help small and medium-sized manufacturers leverage data and create a sustainable competitive advantage is being held at TechPlace in Burlington, Ontario. The purpose of the event is to provide practical content that will help identify specific opportunities to leverage data within every firm. Examples and case studies from experienced practitioners will be discussed and analyzed at the event. Additionally, a number of government organizations and technology firms that can assist with planning the next steps will be present.

The government and non-profit organizations collaborating to organize the workshop are listed below:

  • TechPlace and the Burlington Economic Development Corporation
  • Golden Horseshoe Manufacturing Network
  • Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade
  • McMaster University CIRC (part of engineering department)
  • National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence

The event is targeted at leaders and decision makers at manufacturing firms who are interested in exploring how they can collect, analyze and use data, as well as learn about opportunities to use Artificial Intelligence tools. Recent advances have made these tools more accessible to smaller firms, and adopting the right technologies can help these firms identify new business models and growth opportunities that were not possible before.

Find more details and register for the workshop here!

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