Smart Manufacturing and Advanced Recycling Technologies Centre (SMART)

Based at Conestoga College, the SMART Centre provides a critical resource for SMEs in their region to achieve performance improvements that will advance them into the next generation of manufacturing. By facilitating applied research and the development of innovative business processes, SMART Centre is an important driver of innovation, commercialization, productivity improvement, and competitiveness for Ontario’s manufacturing sector.


Conestoga College Applied Research Hub
96 Grand Avenue South
Cambridge, Ontario
N1S 2L9

Areas of Expertise

High-Performance Manufacturing:
The mechanical, electrical, software, and process designs enhance the adaptability of production, the precision and quality of products or processes, the integration of new materials into products or processes, and the implementation of new sensor technologies for manufacturing.

ICT-Enabled Intelligent Manufacturing:
The mechanical, electrical, software, and process designs advance and extend the possibilities of automation control, the simulation and visualization of products and processes, and the enhancement of technology for trades within manufacturing.


Process R&D
Product R&D
Business Development & Consulting

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Published: April 25, 2021

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