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Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Niagara Energy Products (NEP) proudly serves the nuclear market in North America and overseas. Utilizing its facilities and equipment, NEP specializes in the custom design, manufacturing, and precision assembly of heavy components, making it a one-stop shop for customers with demanding design and fabricating requirements.

Established during the mid ‘90s, Niagara Energy Products operates three large facilities totaling over 180,000-square-feet. NEP’s production-based approach allows it to organize its manufacturing processes in a configuration that promotes efficiency, allowing NEP to optimize output given the constraints of its facilities.

NEP has extensive expertise in the production of nuclear waste containment vessels, used for storage of used nuclear fuel and reactor refurbishment waste. Each vessel is produced with painstaking attention to detail and quality assurance, resulting in the highest-quality products on the market. Since its establishment, the firm has moved into new market segments, opening an engineering division, operating a specialized storage facility for high-end equipment destined for the nuclear market and opening a new precision assembly facility.

NEP’s management team is making strategic investments in its people and equipment, promoting a culture of collaboration amongst staff and clients as well as bringing online new production capabilities. Its current areas of capital investment focus include new high precision assembly equipment, automated welding equipment, and improved material handling technology. NEP’s capabilities include CNC rolling and machining, high-density concrete production and testing, a multitude of non-destructive examination techniques, manual and automatic welding (including sub-arc, MIG, and TIG techniques), large part precision assembly, painting and stenciling, and nuclear grade cleaning.

The firm is also adding to its qualifications and upgrading its Quality Assurance systems to meet its clients’ ever-evolving needs and address challenges throughout the design and build process. NEP currently holds certifications in accordance with CSA Z299.1, CSA N299.1, CSA N285, CSA A283 and CWB 47.1. Niagara Engineered Products, a division of NEP, currently holds a Certificate of Authorization from the Professional Engineers of Ontario to carry out design work. The firm is also in the process of certifying to ISO9001.

Over the last three years, NEP has also upgraded its information technology infrastructure, automating the process of maintaining full traceability of each and every component running through its production processes. This streamlined system also contributes to automating the extensive documentation that accompanies each item NEP produce.

Over the past 4 years, NEP’s focus has been on repositioning the firm within the market to be more competitive and responsive to customer needs. With the significant increase in workload, the company has taken several steps towards increasing its capacity within its current space. NEP’s open and multicultural environment promotes staff involvement at all levels of the organization, leading to a strong continuous improvement program designed to optimize facility performance. Mr. Gabriel Bonenfant, NEP’s Vice President and General Manager, emphasizes that NEP’s employees are seen as investments—individuals who are highly valued and integral components of the design and production processes. The firm believes in supporting the community in which it operates by hiring almost exclusively from the surrounding Niagara and St. Catharines regions. NEP welcomes employees of all skill levels and dedicates the required time to properly train each employee under the standards governed by the NEP Quality Management System. Due to the substantial effort and time invested in training employees, as well as the respect and close relationships developed within the company’s culture, NEP’s employee turnover is extremely low. Mr. Bonenfant states that many employees spend their entire careers with NEP.

Due to the large scale and complex nature of NEP’s projects, the firm acts as a project manager, bringing together numerous sub-vendors to successfully complete many of its projects. The firm maintains over 200 sub-vendors on its approved vendors list and makes every effort to work with local vendors. NEP’s ability to bring all of the various parties together, and to coordinate their efforts, has proven to be one of the firm’s competitive advantages, allowing it to compete with much larger design and manufacturing firms.

Given the nature of the industry and the need for extreme caution when handling nuclear waste, NEP’s customers place a very high value on product quality. NEP’s quality program is certified by numerous governing bodies as well as the TSSA. NEP also offers a variety of destructive and non-destructive tests on steel and concrete to ensure product quality. Because of NEP’s dedication to superior manufacturing, customers can be sure they are receiving a premium product with every order.

NEP faces competition from large national manufacturers. The firm demonstrates its competitive advantage by being more agile and responsive to customer needs. Mr. Bonenfant states that NEP places significant emphasis on customer service and plans to maintain current customer service standards during future growth.

To learn more about NEP, visit its website.

Published on February 5, 2019

Company Profile

Company Description


Located in Niagara Falls Ontario, Niagara Energy Products specializes in custom manufactured components for the Energy and Petro-Chemical Industries in North America and overseas.

Company website

Key Facts

Corporate Headquarters

4749 Buttrey St, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 7K7


180,000 sqft


Gabriel Bonenfant-Vice President & General Manager

Year Established


Number of Employees



  • 333990-All Other General-Purpose Machinery Manufacturing
  • 332910-Metal Valve Manufacturing
  • 332439-Other Metal Container Manufacturing
  • 332329-Other Ornamental and Architectural Metal Product Manufacturing


Containers: waste bulk, Flanges, Nuclear reactor components, Pipe & fittings, Valve parts


Welding, CNC Machining, Fabrication, Concrete Batching, Engineering, Testing


  • Nuclear Energy Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Heavy Industrial Production Industry

Skills, and Educational Needs

  • Employees: Skills and educational needs vary by position, such as welding, sales, and marketing.
  • R&D: Internal capabilities, consisting of collaborative meetings conducted between all employees and implementation on the floor.


Originally located in Hamilton Ontario, NEP moved its operations to its current location 20 years ago. The change in locations was required as NEP outgrew its former Hamilton location and desired a larger facility to keep up with demand. The Niagara location presented the perfect space. The massive 130,000 square foot facility was formerly used to manufacture cranes and with its high ceilings and large floor space, it is able to contain a variety of equipment and machinery needed to perform a multitude of fabrication and machining services.

Competitive Environment



  • Collaborative company culture
  • Strong training programs
  • Low employee turnover
  • Responsive to customer needs


  • Expand product line


  • Difficult to recruit without any prominent universities nearby


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