Trillium is pleased to announce the release of TrilliumGIS.

TrilliumGIS is an easily accessible online application that connects investors, suppliers, education institutions, and business developers in the province to enhance the growth of the manufacturing sector. Similar tools have been in use in Mexico and the U.S. for some time, and have provided a competitive advantage in servicing investment decision makers.

“TrilliumGIS will provide the critical information needed by firms, researchers, students and investors to understand Ontario’s manufacturing landscape. It’s a decision-making tool designed specifically to help manufacturing grow in Ontario.”
– Ray Tanguay, Auto Advisor to the Governments of Ontario and Canada


TrilliumGIS is open for business at The application is free and contains information on over 20,000 Ontario firms in the manufacturing sector. The database is provided by Scott’s Directories, with some additions from other partner organizations. Trillium will update the directory and enhance the performance of the tool every six months. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with the tool through this video.


Who will use the app and what can they do?

  • Foreign and domestic investors looking to establish their business in Ontario will be able to see transportation infrastructure, potential suppliers and educational institutions within specific geographic areas
  • Existing manufacturers and suppliers can use the application to locate each other and seek new business partnerships
  • Firms and prospective workers in the manufacturing sector will be able to see which educational institutions provide what type of learning and research
  • Investors will be able to more easily connect with regional and municipal economic development agencies to get more detail about the support programs in a specific region including investment support programs, land availability and local business services

All users can see regional labour data, search within a geographic boundary, and generate reports
If your company is not in the database please provide data to There is no charge to have your information entered into the directory.

Trillium encourages all prospective users to test the tool today. We would appreciate any comments you have so that future upgrades can make this an increasingly valuable tool to grow our manufacturing sector. Please direct all comments about the TrilliumGIS tool to To stay updated with TrilliumGIS, visit and follow us on Twitter at @TrilliumMfg.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy using TrilliumGIS!

TrilliumGIS FAQs

What kind of information can be searched through trilliumgis?

  • Business Search bar allows to search products, services, and specific businesses.
  • Educational/Research Institutions search bar allows to search educational programs, research focuses, and types of labor and skills.

What are the differences between the Map Tiles?

  • Neighborhood Map highlights cities and towns.
  • OpenStreetMaps highlight highways and airports.
  • Transport Map highlights rail lines.

How to use Draw Filter Boundary button?

  • If you are interested in the specific region of Ontario, use the Draw Filter Boundary button.
  • First click the Draw Filter Boundary button.
  • Click on the map at the central point of the area of your interest.
  • Drag to create a circle of the diameter of your choice.
  • Click on the map once again to set the filter.
  • To clear the filter click the Draw Filter Boundary button again.

How to make the summary below the map appear?

  • Click on the region of interest (outlined by the black boundaries).
  • The region boundaries will become blue and, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find a summary of firms and labor supplies specific to this region.

What does it mean if a number appears on one of the data points?

  • The number indicates that there are more than one result located close to each other.
  • Zoom in until you are able to see each point separately.

How to get information to appear in the Information tab?

  • Simply click on the search result you are interested in on the map.
  • If the point has a number on it, zoom in first, once the number disappears you will be able to click on the point and get information about it.

What does NAICS stand for in the generated report?

How much information can be included in one report?

  • There is a limit of 15 businesses per report.
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