Strategies for international success: Lessons from six Canadian firms

In Strategies for international success: Lessons from six Canadian firms, the project team (Dr. Paul Boothe, Alister Smith, and Philippa French) interviewed executives about their success in going global.

To understand the business strategies involved in going global and being successful in international markets, the team spoke to representatives from the following six firms:

  • Cyclone Manufacturing, aerospace parts, Mississauga Ontario
  • EllisDon, construction and project management, Mississauga, Ontario
  • IBI Group, architecture and urban planning, Toronto, Ontario
  • Linamar, auto parts, Guelph, Ontario
  • Magna International, auto parts, Aurora, Ontario
  • TWI, specialty food, Mississauga, Ontario

Key findings:

  1. To be successful abroad, firms must first be successful in its home market. Having a competitive and diverse economy at home will create the competition necessary to become stronger.
  2. Canada’s brand – integrity and quality – is vitally important for all firms.
  3. The diversity of Canada’s workforce is a competitive advantage to our firms.

This ICP Paper was written by Dr. Paul Boothe and  Alister Smith from the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing, with support from Philippa French, former Policy Analyst at the Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity.


The Paper can be found on ICP’s website here.

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