Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade


The Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade (MEDJCT) partners with governments, educational institutions, and industry on programs, services, and initiatives to support a strong and innovative economy that creates jobs, opportunities, and prosperity for all Ontarians. To drive economic progress, MEDJCT creates an environment that enables the growth of Ontario’s talented workforce, entrepreneurial spirit, highly developed industry clusters, and promotes economic immigration programs to attract skilled international talent. MEDJCT supports the growth of small and medium-sized businesses by organizing international business missions to create export and investment opportunities for Ontario’s companies, providing avenues for these firms to connect with new export markets. Through its management of an international trade network and investment offices in key markets around the world, Ontario Export Services offers free personalized consulting that helps businesses prepare for new markets, learn about available resources, choose appropriate target markets, and develop market entry strategies. By collaborating with hospitals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and researchers in universities and colleges, MEDJCT fosters scientific discovery and commercialization of new technologies and products that can be marketed globally. Additionally, MEDJCT delivers a range of programs, services, and tools to help businesses innovate and compete in today’s fast-changing global economy, which makes investing in Ontario more attractive for businesses, while protecting the public interest.


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