Export Development Canada


Export Development Canada (EDC) is the Government of Canada’s export credit agency. It works with financial institutions and federal agencies in providing financial solutions to Canadian companies seeking to expand their global customer base and seize international business opportunities. EDC’s service offerings include insurance, traditional and non-traditional loans, and small business solutions to both Canadian exporters and their foreign customers. It also supports domestic trade and business opportunities. In 2014, the agency facilitated $100 billion worth of exports and investments for around 7,400 companies. Recognizing the critical impact of the manufacturing sector on the vitality of the Canadian economy, as well as the long-term boost to productivity that exporting can bring, EDC has been strongly supportive of the manufacturing sector. The EDC has also expanded its efforts to assist Canadian SMEs in increasing their international presence, especially in emerging markets. EDC endeavors to retain its relevance to businesses by adapting its services to global market and technological trends. For instance, it has made technological improvements to its credit insurance program to provide a broader and more efficient service experience to small businesses. EDC is headquartered in Ottawa and has 17 regional offices across Canada and 16 representations across the globe in countries such as Mexico, Turkey, Russia, and India.

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