Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium


Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC)

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is Canada’s largest manufacturing consortium, dedicated to helping industry grow and become more competitive… at home and around the world.

A unique not-for-profit organization, EMC provides a broad range of resources, services, training and programs through nearly 60 consortium regions spanning more than 450 communities, for more than 5,000 consortium and online member manufacturers and a total audience of 40,000+ manufacturing employers across Canada.

EMC’s network provides the boots on the ground and a shoulder to lean on, helping manufacturers to succeed in an unsteady economy. Members share best practices and experiences, participate in plant tours and benchmark with other companies. This investment is returned in lower costs, improved efficiencies, more capable leadership and workforce, and lowered stress in dealing with the day-to-day complexities of running their manufacturing operations.

A Bigger Picture: Knowledge, Expertise and Resources… and the Intelligence Industry Needs

Manufacturers not only need access to world-class resources and programs, they also need the best regional, provincial and national information possible, to make sound decisions. Through its Canadian Manufacturing Network, EMC has created a fully searchable Labour Market Intelligence (LMI), industry diagnostic and reporting system – ManufacturingGPS – providing access to evergreen (live) way to access intelligence, tools and benchmarking for critical labour market, skills and capability data, covering both workforce and productivity needs from a supply and demand perspective.

Learn more by visiting the following websites:

EMC Website

ManufacturingGPS Website

Canadian Manufacturing Network Website


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