Conference Board of Canada


The Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) is an independent, not-for-profit research organization specializing in the analysis of economic trends, organizational performance and public policy issues. For many years, CBoC has been known for its influential research on a broad spectrum of issues affecting Canada’s manufacturing competitiveness, from topics such as the adoption of innovative technology in the SME sector, to the formulation of best practices in business strategy and public policy in response to evolving trends in regional and global supply chains. It is also recognized as a trusted source for data forecasts and industry knowledge. As a thought leader on domestic and international business trends, the CBoC plays an indispensable role in formulating strategies for the Canadian manufacturing sector to confront challenges now and in the future.

View Website: Official Webpage of CBoC
View Report: The Status of Collaboration and the Role of Innovation: Supporting Networks in Canadian Industry

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