Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association


The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association (CME) is an advocacy group for the Canadian manufacturing sector. With a network of 100,000 companies and over 50 industry associations representing manufacturing and service-related sectors, CME is Canada’s largest industry and trade association. CME leverages its extensive presence and network to supply a comprehensive range of industry resources including financial services, market intelligence, and export promotion. CME connects manufacturers with influential decision makers at all levels of government in advocating for smart economic policies in areas such as taxation, regulatory burden and energy reform. The organization also works directly with other Canadian agencies in advancing the frontiers of Canada’s manufacturing competitiveness. For example, CME has partnered with private sector companies on a government-sponsored initiative to bring post-secondary education programs in line with the future skill needs of employers. CME is also affiliated with Canada Makes™, a network of private, public, academic, and not-for-profit entities whose mission is to promote the use of advanced and additive manufacturing in Canada.

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View Report: 2014 Release of Management Issues Survey

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