Ontario 360: Manufacturing Sector – Transition Briefing

“Ontario 360, housed at Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance (SPPG), is releasing 30 daily “transition briefings” by a wide range of policy experts on a comprehensive set of issues facing Ontario’s next government.”

One of the 30 “transition briefings” has been contributed by Trillium’s Network for Advanced Manufacturing deputy directors Paul Boothe, David Moloney and Alister Smith:

Manufacturing Sector
Addressing cost, market access, and talent to support Ontario’s manufacturing sector

Manufacturing remains a key part of Ontario’s economy. The sector has experienced structural changes in recent decades but is still a major driver of investment, innovation, and employment in the province. The incoming government will need a strategy to support manufacturing’s competitiveness and the sector’s continued role in opportunity and prosperity in Ontario. An effective manufacturing strategy will need to tackle (1) costs, (2) market access, and (3) talent.

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