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There is lots of gloom and doom in the news around manufacturing these days. It seems that hardly a day goes by without a story about a plant closure. Yet, the reality on the ground is very different. It turns out there are lots of innovative Ontario manufacturers that are operating successfully below the radar. A team of student researchers visited a number of Ontario manufacturing ‘success’ stories. Here are the students’ profiles of the firms they visited and the people they met.

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J&S Manufacturing

J&S Manufacturing (J&S) is a successful mining equipment manufacturer located in Spanish, Ontario. The company’s motto is “Built to Perform,” conveying the fact that all of its equipment is durable and dependable. J&S’s in-house design capabilities allow the company to manufacture mobile equipment as well as technical custom equipment, transforming customers’ ideas into usable solutions. The quality of the equipment manufactured, along with the company’s ability to customize products, has helped J&S to sell its equipment around the world.

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Hybrid Power Solutions

Established in 2015, Hybrid Power Solutions (HPS) is a company based out of Mississauga, Ontario. HPS was founded in response to the growing need for safer, cleaner, and more efficient energy solutions within industrial markets. To address this need, the company produces powerful lithium ion batteries that are compact, portable, and extremely easy to use. Lithium ion batteries have been available in consumer markets for many years, but HPS has geared their systems to respond to growing need expressed by industrial customers.

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Linear Transfer Automation Inc.

Based out of Barrie, Ontario, Linear Transfer Automation Inc. (Linear) is a global supplier of press transfer automation, blank feed systems, and press to press automation. Linear is able to customize its automation solutions to fit specific equipment geometry and requirements for its customers, regardless of how old the equipment is or how the equipment is organized on the shop floor.

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BOS Innovations Inc.

BOS Innovations Inc., located in Dorchester, Ontario, designs and manufactures custom factory automation solutions. BOS strives to help advance North American manufacturing through high-quality integration of automation systems. The company prides itself on conducting business with the highest level of honesty, respect, and dedication toward its customers, employees, and suppliers. For more than 20 years, BOS has helped companies improve productivity and profitability through its provision of innovative automation solutions.

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RBR Ltd.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, RBR Ltd. designs and manufactures customizable oceanographic instruments. By listening to customer needs and feedback, RBR creates the right instruments for all of its customers, satisfying their specific budgets and applications. Additionally, the company offers high-quality support services to its customers throughout their product purchase, deployment, and maintenance. RBR is recognized within the industry as an innovative product developer and technological leader, and the company heavily invests in research and development (R&D) to maintain this reputation.

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Giatec Scientific Inc.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Giatec Scientific Inc. (Giatec) strives to revolutionize the concrete industry by providing technologies that make concrete testing faster, safer, and more efficient. The company produces concrete testing solutions with smart capabilities, meaning its products collect and analyze data before presenting the results to users in order to help them make faster, more informed decisions. Applications of these products include wireless monitoring of concrete properties, accurate condition assessment of infrastructure, and durability-based quality control of concrete.

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